#TrumpTruth Trump Watch Sept. ’18 – 69% Lies

Facts Matter

President Donald Trump lies most of the time. That's a provable, documented fact, supported by actual written and recorded statements and journalist research - not unsupported tweets, allegations, and conspiracies.

While some Trump tweets hide a secret plot with an encoded message, most of them just need a basic reverse translation so they can be understood by the majority of Americans who use objective facts.

If you want to support Trump, the GOP, and his reality distortion field because you support white nationalism, support his actual enacted policies despite knowing he's a liar, hateful, unstable, and a narcissist, or you simply believe him because it feels right, then that's your choice. But truth is truth and does not change just because he says so.


Trump Truth Translation

The statements are not displayed by period.  So the recent rate isn’t available.  However given that the average daily number of lies has increased the past few months, it’s likely that the percentage of statements that are lies has also increased.

Fact Check Source: Politifact

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