Thank you, Trump

#ThankyouTrump While we all knew Trump’s presidency would be a disaster – and it is – there is much to be thankful there.  We only learn when we’re tested and the limits are pushed, which they surely have. This isn’t politics as usual.  It’s a generational aberration.  So we’re learning and thanking him for a lot.

Trump’s lack of experience, maturity, manners, dignity, grace, class, professionalism, empathy, truth telling, business sense, negotiation ability, self-awareness, and critical thinking (one could go on, but I’ll stop here)  has tested – and in many cases redefined – politics, the Presidency, and our culture.  If Americans want to be FREED, it’s imperative that all free thinkers learn from this painful experience.

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The Bottom Line

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  While the country regresses in the short term, we believe that Trump’s extremism ultimately provides a superior environment for real change – sooner rather than later – compared to a Clinton presidency … that is if Americans don’t continue to be vigilant, engaged, and politically active.

Special thank yous

  • Activate the left.  Obama and Bernie excited millions.  But they engaged few who typically didn’t participate in voting and the normal political process.  It took the real horrors of Trump to do that, get millions marching in the streets, and create #TheResistance.
  • Accelerate social change. There have been and will be more significant social justice losses with Republicans in control of the federal government.  Those losses will eventually be reversed.  What is significant is that new change is already happening.  Consider #MeToo, the culture surrounding the harassment of women. Within a year Trump’s Neanderthal misogyny and his election gave rise to the next generation women’s movement.  You can draw a direct line from Trump’s rise to his pussy grabbing to the downfall of Fox’s Roger Ailes and Bill O‘Reilly to the disclosures bringing down many other political, entertainment, and business figures.
  • The rise of the common man.  While Trump as a billionaire is no more common than a US Senator, his election does give hope through one example that the country is receptive to candidates outside the normal political sphere, which is dominated by people who are typically male, white, straight, religious, and from the government or legal profession.

Everything old is new again

Thank you for the history lesson and reminders!

  • Rage rules. From an historical perspective, the past 50 years have been relatively sedate politically.  However earlier times have exhibited the mob mentality encouraged by Trump. Rage can be a powerful force.
  • Populism returns. Bernie Sanders’ rise signaled a return to populism.  Clinton’s campaign took notice and tacked to the left. However it was insufficient as Trump was able to take away geographically critical voters.  The combination of populism + rage + personality was just enough to beat sanity and experience.  This lesson isn’t new.  But it’s one Democrats often fail to embrace.
  • The limits of democracy.  Often a threat is insufficient.  It takes a generational attack on our institutions to see how fragile they are and not take them for granted.
  • The strength of democracy.  See above.  Trump’s blundering will affect government for decades.  But at the same time life (so far) has largely continued as normal.  The federal government was sufficiently robust and checked by state, and local government, patriotic federal government employees who placed country above party or Russian puppet, the media, and an active citizenry.
  • The Real Fake News.  Lies and fake news have been a part of politics forever.  It’s seen an asymmetric expansion on the right the past few decades as a part of the Republican toolkit (see Swiftboating and Truthiness).  Attacking legitimate media as cover for your own lies is natural, both as the next step in the evolution of this trend and Trump’s tenuous grasp of reality.  However Trump has reached a breaking point.   His lies now are so prevalent that they not only keep comics and the media busy on an hourly basis, they’ve also reached the limit where they severely damaged the credibility of anything the speaker and party says.

21st Century Rules

Donald, you, sir, are a trailblazer.

  • Connected America. Trump won the presidency by breaking the traditional rules that required government experience, expensive advertising, and extensive local ground organizations.   Instead he owned the mass, social, and partisan media and engaged a foreign government.  While it’s possible – though not clear – that mass media will be more balanced in the future, what is certain is that media, technology, and marketing are new and huge factors in the game of politics.

Could have been worse

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) poster child.  Psychiatrists can’t ethically diagnose someone who is not a patient.  But his NPD affliction is clear to thousands of mental health professionals.  Millions of Americans now know what this sad disease looks like.
  • Not a true authoritarian (yet).  Many have feared the rise of totalitarianism and a strongman based on Trump’s rhetoric,  tweets, and inability to focus outside himself.  However this pathology – so far – appears to be more internally directed (see NPD above) than an externalized megalomania.

Lying to your own supporters

Not that they listen.  Or care. Or their media will cover or tell the truth about it.

Trump promised to support the middle class that was left behind by international trade, elites, and wealthy donors. Instead he proposed and enacted administrative rules and laws that were the total opposite.  Trump, we thank thee for these gifts.

They show your real truth and will eventually help FREE America.

  • They not only didn’t expand his core voters, but they also harmed the populist part of his base.
  • They drew overwhelming support from the Republican party, which makes both Trump and the party responsible.
  • They provide strong ammunition for future candidates that demonstrate Trump’s and the GOP’s true intentions.


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