Robert Reich

Lyin’ Donald

… or The Non-Populist Populist

Ross Douthat writes “What’s particularly frustrating is that [the Republican tax bill] didn’t have to be this way”.  But isn’t that the point?  After almost of year of so-called governance has he not figured how Trump works and the GOP operates?

The Republican switch-and-bait that taxes the poor to give to their rich donors has been going on for decades. Trump acts based on his self-interest, as yet another purported billionaire, not the country’s – or even his base’s – interest.  Too bad his own voters never learned that for themselves.

Trump started out with great promise to support and empower Main Street and the middle class that was left behind by international trade, elites, and wealthy donors.  That populist message was noble, selfless, and admirable.  If he could deliver on it, he could build a true legacy with a wide base of support.  I personally would have celebrated and congratulated him.

But who’s kidding who?  This is Lyin’ Donald.  The tax bill is the purest expression of who he is.  He says  it would cost him a fortune.  He lied.  James Repetti, a tax law professor at Boston College Law School, said “This is a windfall for real estate developers like Trump.”  He and his cronies will expand their fortunes. Hugely.  An  estimate from the Washington Post counts that Trump will save $7 million per year.

Instead of being a force for social good, he followed the standard Republican gameplan to enrich the rich.  Instead of combating the power of the elites and income inequality, he only increased it.

Robert Reich posts a nice summary of Trump’s Top 20 lies in his New Year’s Update for Trump Voters.

Ross, don’t be frustrated.  Follow the money, not the tweets.





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