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#FREEDRev 106.1 – Trump: Aviation

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Subject: It’s my planet and you can’t have it now
From: Conservator
To: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian

Dian, I love talking to you.   The real shithole is Washington.  I own the place.  I can’t talk to anyone.  The years so short.  Take forever.  How can all that happen?  I will survive.  It’s getting warmer.  Mar-a-Lago flooding.  Who else could do this and save the world?

I confirm software package for FAA NextGen.  2017 Commercial Aviation report attached.  Another terrific year.

Focusing FAA and NASA on flight tech.  Believe me, I’ll have more planes heating the air than you could ever dream.  Must keep you on track.   It will be one spectacular record.

** END **

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