Personal: Cure Rotator Cuff Injury Without Surgery

This body hack is not FREEDAmerica-related. But it really works and is worth sharing if it could help you.

40-60% of the adult population has experienced a shoulder rotator tear injury and been unable to raise their arm without extreme pain.

It happened to me.

The cure is surgery that costs over $10,000.  Your shoulder is immobilized for six weeks.  You’ll face months of physical therapy.  Full recovery can take several months.  Some people don’t regain their prior function after all that.  Fun, huh?

What if you could cure it yourself in five minutes?

I did. Through yoga. There are various injuries that yoga can fix. In this case all it took was a headstand.

Dr. Loren Fishman, a yoga teacher, discovered this simple cure.  Here is a summary.

A yoga-based maneuver has erased pain and disability for more than 800 of my patients who have rotator cuff difficulties, saving them from expensive, painful surgery and at least three months of physical therapy for recovery. The Triangular Forearm Support (TFS) is based on the headstand but you don’t have to stand on your head to do it. It activates a muscle that takes over the function of the one that has been injured. Activating the muscle for a minute and then enthusiastically, fearlessly raising the arm on the bad side trains the subscapularis muscle to take over for the injured superspinadis. The injured muscle never has to work again. I have followed patients who have been cured by this maneuver — painless full range of motion for 10 years.

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Marc Freedman


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