It starts


Here was our initial home page copy …

Trump said he was mad as hell and was not going to take it any more.
A minority in the country agreed.  They shouted it out their windows.
He rode the hysteria to a 57 electoral share and the Presidency.

What about you?
Are you happy with the man in the White House?
Does his personal and presidential conduct and embrace of Russia make you proud?
Does the slow motion implosion of America  –
from the trillion dollar transfer to the rich
to the destruction of social nets and healthcare
to the pollution of the air and waterways
to climate change heatwaves and flooding of the coasts –
delight you and your hopes for your children?

No?  If not, do not despair.
We don’t have to wait for his inevitable self-destruction
while he drags us down from Leader of the World to the Eighth Circle of Hell.

FREEDamerica has the cure.
Let’s make America Great Again … Again. Now.
You know, like it was a year ago.

Embrace the madness.
Get FREED.  Not Trumped.
Join #TheResistance and create the world you want!

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