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To: FREEDRevolution Field Forces
Subject: RAT-Q Specialist Recruitment and Trump Truth

From: FREEDRevolution Multiverse Command HQ

Only a small share of Trump tweets contain special messages that we can decode. What about the rest?

As you know, most of his tweets are twattle – blatant lies.

At FREEDAmerica we started an anti-disinformation campaign called Trump Truth where we translate those tweets for the hard of understanding and public at large. We convert the tweets to the actual facts, not those of his narcissistic fantasy world.

We could of course do this all day for his daily 1100 tweets.  Which is where you come in. Were you rated RAT-Q in your Recruit Aptitude Test?  Are you ready for the challenge of Command Informatics?  If so, we seek intelligence, public relations, and cyberwarfare specialists to staff the Truth Campaign. Apply here to upgrade your career.

We are folding Trump Truth into FREEDRevolution. So you may see tweets that we already published on FREEDAmerica or that are a few weeks old during this transition period.

Just remember, we read his tweets so you don’t have to.


** END **

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