FREEDRevolution August ’18 War Report

Recent news from the battlefront:

  • Announced an upcoming series called Trump 1984 that illustrates the disturbing parallels between statements by the Biggest Ever Brother, Donald Trump, and those of merely Big Brother, the totalitarian ruler in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.
  • Started Trump Watch, our monthly reports on the percentage of researched Trump statements that are not true (69%) and the number of lies (4,228) since he was elected.
  • Published #TrumpTruth 18, #FightTrump 3 and 4, and no #TrumpNPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) posts.
  • Published We’ll always have Helsinki with a book excerpt on what really happened in Trump and Putin’s secret private meeting.
  • Published Respect Rocks on the increasing volcanism of our dear broiling planet.
  • Published Never Again. We have seen this before. They have come for us. We know how this can end if we wait too long and don’t stand up to authoritarians.
  • Published In The Beginning of the FREEDRevolution.  The excerpt is the storyteller’s introduction to the novel and one of the first chapters. It starts “Long before Donald J. Trump was a dying spermatozoon, there was the multiverse, the mother of all universes, and it was good. …  As is typical in most stories, it all got fucked from there and quickly went downhill. So I wrote this book.”

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