#FREEDRev 111.1 – Marc: In The Beginning

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Novel Excerpt

Long before Donald J. Trump was a dying spermatozoon, there was the multiverse, the mother of all universes, and it was good.

As is typical in most stories, it all got fucked from there and quickly went downhill. So I wrote this book.

Just ask @realTimelessOne. Or don’t. That bastard is supposed to know everything and hardly talks, at least that we can understand. I’m not convinced the oracle god is real. It’s communications only go one way. If you subscribe to the digital universe theory, you could argue that its ramblings are simply primordial echos of the multiverse itself.

The underground was working with Stephen Hawking on that before he passed. But that’s another story.

Know that if you do question ye olde TO in 99.9% of the multiverse, you will most certainly immediately be shot, tased, slimed, knifed, or whatever the local equivalent of a fast death is. No local authority would blink an eye or several.

Lineage counts. So here goes, again in Twitter–speak (more on why later), to the best of my knowledge long after this all happened.

@VersePrime begat @realTimelessOne and @Bledsnartz, which begat @realBledDiana, as well as @PresHilary, @BillClintonFnd, @ElseCohane, and @TawanaMohammad.

@BledDiana begat @Verse_Zed which begat @EssentialTrump, @GenuineMelania, @LuVorhies, and @realFREEDman. That’s me. I begat @BR82now, @myFREEDamerica, @FREEDRevoltn, and a big headache from trying to track this. There are a few other cats you’ll meet as well.

... end excerpt ...

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