Release – LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back Launched for Twitter FREEDom


LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back Launched for Twitter FREEDom

LITFB Brings LinkedIn Open Networking to Twitter


FEB 28 2018 DALLAS, TX. FREEDAmerica today announced the launch of LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back (LITFB) at to cross over millions of LinkedIn open networkers to Twitter.

LITFB features two key benefits for business and professional social network users.

  • Twitter members stymied by Twitter limitations will be able to attract more followers, which will release Twitter restrictions.
  • Twitter members will be able to tap into the millions of LinkedIn open networkers who also are on Twitter.

Founder Marc Freedman said:

I’ve been #3 in the world on LinkedIn, which has over 500 million members.  I started one of the first LinkedIn open networking groups aka LIONs 11 years ago.  Now I’m on Twitter where active followers are just like LIONs (would that make them TONs?).  The more followers you have, the more people you can reach. But Twitter – like LinkedIn – doesn’t make it easy.  So I created LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back (LITFB) to bring LinkedIn open networking to Twitter.  It’s the easiest and most effective way to build your Twitter network.

I have 50,000 LinkedIn contacts that I’ll be bringing here.  I hope you’ll refer your own.  Whether you’re already a Twitter pro or new to the Twitterverse, LITFB will generate many thousands of new Twitter followers for our members.  So do join us.  And yes, it’s free!

Twitter follow back campaigns are a common, accepted, and fully permissable Twitter practice.  Unlike LinkedIn, which requires members to know one another to connect, Twitter allows anyone to follow their members.  The LITFB program consists of web-based registration and member profile checks to help ensure high quality and legitimate followers.

LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back is the first operational program announced for FREEDWork, the business and entrepreneur arm of FREEDAmerica.  FREEDWork serves the entrepreneur ecosystem with programs and events to inspire, inform, and support individuals, professionals, and businesses, including webinars and business and networking events in your city.

FREEDAmerica  was founded by Marc Freedman for progressives who want to be FREED to:

  • Be active participants in our democracy, our country, and our world.
  • Live lives of intent and purpose with passion, integrity, empathy, and continual learning.
  • Pursue facts, science, and truth over authority and party.
  • Empower ourselves and our communities amid an indifferent economy and rapacious capitalism.
  • Restore vision, progress, and hope in our country and not regress to tribalism and fear.



  • LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back is located at
  • Marc Freedman
  • Founder, FREEDAmerica
  • Email
  • (972) 200-3490


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