FREEDRevolution Aug 24 Update

What’s New in the FREEDRevolution Multiverse

Welcome to our ongoing report about what we’ve recently published, including FREEDRevolution, #FightTrump, #TrumpTruth, and Trump NPD.

One goal is to be topical with real-world events driving action in the novel.  We’ve finally gotten on track the past few months with chapters, including book excerpts, on Cohen/Manafort, Trump-Putin in Helsinki, Melania & I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?, and Trump’s family separation at the border.

(Still) Coming soon!

  • Trump1984.  A man with no grounding in the past or facts will repeat it and then contradict himself. George Orwell’s fine novel has many terrific quotes that echo today.

What’s New

  • The past week we debuted a Trump Watch feature as part of #TrumpTruth. We’ll regularly publish the total fact-checked number and percentage of lies.


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