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In Surf, we wrote about going online to find web sites and social media networks where you can share your thoughts, write articles, and read and comment on what others are saying.

Some have called Twitter Ground Zero for the Resistance.  This isn’t surprising as it’s the home of Trump’s toxic tweets and the perfect place to read and directly respond to them. Fun Fact: Almost Half of Donald Trump’s Twitter Followers are Fake.

Twitter is one of the top online destinations to Fight Trump.  Messages are short, limited to 280 characters.  So it’s not just easy but standard to submit a brief tweet.  You can like, forward, and comment on other people’s tweets.  You can include a web link and attach images and videos.

There are literally millions of Americans and others around the world who are part of the Twitter resistance that you can read, search for, and follow.  Many are new Twitter users who joined specifically to express their outrage. There are hundreds of resistance subgroups against Trump by location and interest, including veterans, dissatisfied Republicans, science fiction and history fans, and alt (alternative) accounts for government agencies like Alt NASA.  Some rebel accounts are anonymous, such as staff in the White House.

You can search for other resisters by following us, through hashtags like #TheResistance, #fbr, and our resister site FBResist.com. We’ll explore building your network in future posts.

Help Fight Trump

How do you respond to a treasonous, lying, morally bankrupt, incompetent, narcissist President? You resist. And don’t stop. Because inaction and avoidance are precisely what led to this catastrophe.

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