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Fight Trump

Trump is an existential threat that is driving tens of millions of people to action.  But it won’t happen overnight.

The political process takes time.  Maybe it will only be another year until the impeachment.  Or two and a half years when Trump is voted out.  Or six and a half if Trump starts a war to capture the patriotic vote.  Or fourteen and a half after President Pence renames the country as Gilead (That’s a joke. We hope.) But it will end at some point.

It will be a long march to freedom, equality, and yes, sanity.  There will be a lot of petitions, marches, rallies, organizing, and resisting to do.  Please, pace yourself so you can help throughout this process and still be in one piece at the finish line.

Be conscious of your media consumption.  We love Rachel as much as the next liberal, reading the New York Times, and going online to tweet with other resisters.  But don’t let it take over your life.  Get help if you find yourself in a constant rage or unending depression, or it affects your work and family life.  On the other hand for many people losing your appetite and practicing voodoo on a fat orange doll are perfectly acceptable reactions.

Take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health.  Go to work, love a fellow resister, spend time with the kids, walk the dog, enjoy family & friends, breathe at yoga, enjoy your pizza and kale, and get lots of sleep.  While you still can.

Help Fight Trump

How do you respond to a treasonous, lying, morally bankrupt, incompetent, narcissist President? You resist. And don’t stop. Because inaction and avoidance are precisely what led to this catastrophe.

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