Thank you, Trump

Trump & The Tax Bill, the Present That Keeps Giving

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the ‘win’ that wasn’t.  The legislation was promoted with proven lies and failures (trickle down).  It could have been fact-based and middle class-supportive.  Instead it’s a donor giveaway that transfers money from the have-nots to the already haves (corporations and the wealthy).

Lyin ‘Donald had a chance to deliver on his promise to support the people, even if it hurt himself.  Instead, to no one’s surprise, it benefits the rich, wealthy companies, and Trump.

It’s a cunningly crafted Trojan horse.  The lower and middle class  benefits are illusory.  Their tax benefits expire after a few years, while the giveaway to the rich is permanent.    When the $1.5 trillion deficit comes due the GOP already has said it’s prepared to go after social benefit programs.

A review of how much the bill benefits the 1%:

  • 25% – Promised. Trump said the bill would hurt him. So the majority of benefts would have benefited the middle class.
  • 82% – Actual bill.
  • 1oo+% – After 2025 when the middle class benefits expire.

#ThankyouTrump. You could have helped the people or even your core voters.  But you didn’t.  And a majority know it.

Instead you gave us this wonderful gift for people to remember you by.  In case they miss your hourly tweets.   It may be a win for your fellow Republican lawmakers and donors now.  But this trillion dollar giveaway will be an eternally shiny present for the Democrats at election time later this year and beyond.






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Lyin’ Donald

… or The Non-Populist Populist

Ross Douthat writes “What’s particularly frustrating is that [the Republican tax bill] didn’t have to be this way”.  But isn’t that the point?  After almost of year of so-called governance has he not figured how Trump works and the GOP operates?

The Republican switch-and-bait that taxes the poor to give to their rich donors has been going on for decades. Trump acts based on his self-interest, as yet another purported billionaire, not the country’s – or even his base’s – interest.  Too bad his own voters never learned that for themselves.

Trump started out with great promise to support and empower Main Street and the middle class that was left behind by international trade, elites, and wealthy donors.  That populist message was noble, selfless, and admirable.  If he could deliver on it, he could build a true legacy with a wide base of support.  I personally would have celebrated and congratulated him.

But who’s kidding who?  This is Lyin’ Donald.  The tax bill is the purest expression of who he is.  He says  it would cost him a fortune.  He lied.  James Repetti, a tax law professor at Boston College Law School, said “This is a windfall for real estate developers like Trump.”  He and his cronies will expand their fortunes. Hugely.  An  estimate from the Washington Post counts that Trump will save $7 million per year.

Instead of being a force for social good, he followed the standard Republican gameplan to enrich the rich.  Instead of combating the power of the elites and income inequality, he only increased it.

Robert Reich posts a nice summary of Trump’s Top 20 lies in his New Year’s Update for Trump Voters.

Ross, don’t be frustrated.  Follow the money, not the tweets.





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A Culture of Lies & The Real Fake News

No, Lyin’ Donald, you did not create the term ‘Fake News’.  Your first use is below, while fake news have been a part of politics virtually forever.

According to Politifact, Obama was telling all or most of the truth 50% of the time as of this post date.  That’s disappointing.  But compare that to only one out of six Trump claims being true or mostly true.   That means that five out of six times Trump is fully or partly lying.

The explosion of lies has mostly happened on the Right over the past few decades.  It’s become a standard part of the Republican toolkit.  See Swiftboating and Truthiness.

The next step in institutionalized lying is to attack those who job it is to report the truth objectively, regardless that their reporting is supported by published data and verified sources.  Calling legitimate media fake is a classic doublethink switch and bait marketing tactic.  It’s perfect cover to move the attention away from the real fake news, your own lies.

But there is a limit. When you’re mostly lying, anything you say won’t be trusted.  People tune you out.  Not only do they not believe your lies, they also ignore the rare 15% of the time when you actually do speak the truth.

Ultimately a culture of lies is ineffective and unsustainable.  There is no bridge to reach those who think for themselves, aka #TheResistance.  Once you’ve maximized your base, which Trump did on Election Day, you’re not going to be able to expand it.  You’ll have to expend ever greater effort to publish your fake news and maintain a false reality that’s constantly clashing with what’s really happening.



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