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#FREEDRev 112.1 – Marc: Never Again

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What do you call someone who constantly insults others?  A small person who has to attack people and groups just so he can feel like a big man?  A brat?  Childish?  Immature?  Spoiled?  A bully?  Unworthy of respect?  Narcissist?

What about President?  The count of People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter is up to 487.  …  Who’s Next?

U.S. Intelligence.  Insults already issued, President Trump has threatened to revoke the security clearances of several officials who have criticized him – former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, former national security adviser Susan Rice, former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and former National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden.

It’s yet another step to attack, silence, and restrict his enemies in his continuing march to authoritarianism. That may work in Russia.  This is the U.S.  Those of us in #TheResistance and FREEDRevolution vow to continue to fight as we slide down this slippery slope.  If he hasn’t come for you, just wait.

See Marc: Never Again, Part 2


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Release – FREEDAmerica Launches FBResist for a Stronger Resistance


FREEDAmerica Launches FBResist for More Effective Twitter Resistance

FBResist builds on Twitter Follow Back Political Resistance


MAY 8 2018 DALLAS, TX FREEDAmerica today announced the launch of FBResist –  short for Follow Back Resistance – at to support progressive Twitter users.  FBResist is a part of the Twitter Resistance movement, which can be found through #TheResistance, #FBResist, #FBR, #Resist, and related hashtags.

The Twitter Resistance community provides information, education, organization, and support to fight President Donald Trump.  FBResist builds on the Twitter Follow Back Resistance practice to build connections whereby members follow the Golden Rule.  I’ll follow you on Twitter and you’ll follow me back in return.

Founder Marc Freedman said:

Like many rational people, it took the unreality of Trump to drive me to Twitter and the amazing community there.  I’m a member of the Resistance — and the Revolution.  The #FBR parties and resistance hash tags are nice.  But they’re inefficient.  They do nothing to prevent bots or non-resister freeloaders.  They make it a slow and painful process if you’re serious about building your Twitter followers from fellow Progressives and have to wait to get past Twitter limitations.

FBResist is a better solution for quality followers. Our opt-in web-based registration and Twitter lists are more secure.  They help deter inauthentic users and bots who can also be removed.  Most importantly, FBResist makes it far easier and more productive to follow Resistance members and be followed back.

FBResist consists of a web form that new members fill out with their Twitter ID, lists of FBResist members, and a manual process of confirming qualifying Twitter accounts.

Twitter Activism

FREEDAmerica and Marc Freedman support and are an active participant in Twitter political activism for The Resistance. The Resistance formed as a response to the existential threat posed by President Trump, his and his Administration’s corruption, and his ongoing attacks on truth, facts, individuals, institutions, and the norms of presidential behavior and decency.

Twitter has become a home for resistance activism for multiple reasons.

  • Twitter is the preferred medium for President Trump who regularly tweets.  Users can directly respond to or comment on him.
  • Twitter makes it each for resistance members to find, connect, and communicate with each other, as well as activists, journalists, scientists, and politicians.
  • The free and open Twitter platform gives every user a voice, whether they want to write a short message or upload art or other media, organize other users,  support individual users through retweets, likes, and comments, or just read the latest news and updates.


The Resistance Twitter community keeps hope alive amid the current dark authoritarian times.  It enhances and supports real world activities like marches, door to door canvassers, and donations. The Resistance provides a way for Americans to be speak out and be engaged in the political process when they might not otherwise be involved because of their location, finances, age, or ability.

About FREEDAmerica


FREEDAmerica  was founded by Marc Freedman for progressives who want to be FREED to:

  • Be active participants in our democracy, our country, and our world.
  • Live lives of intent and purpose with passion, integrity, empathy, and continual learning.
  • Pursue facts, science, and truth over authority and party.
  • Empower ourselves and our communities amid an indifferent economy and rapacious capitalism.
  • Restore vision, progress, and hope in our country and not regress to tribalism and fear.



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The Quality of Overcoming

Once upon a time there was a narcissistic populist who trumpeted his mental stability and intelligence.  He charmed the populace and rose to run a kingdom that was the leader of the world.  He had exquisite tastes and demanded luxury. He ran up extravagant personal bills that were paid by the people.

He had no government experience.  He said whatever was on his mind, made impractical promises, reversed all his predecessor’s policies, and enacted tax cuts that increased the deficit.  He had no military experience but liked to play the role.  He glorified violence, surrounded himself with military trappings and generals, and threatened his rivals.

No, this is not Lyin’ Donald.  This ruler was Trumpier than Trump with four wives and slept only three hours a night.  He didn’t just threaten but killed Senators.

The emperor was Caligula, as recounted by Nicholas Kristof in There Once Was a Great Nation With an Unstable Leader. Kristof’s conclusion is that Rome survived, as will America.

To me, the lesson is that Rome was able to inoculate itself against unstable rulers so that it could recover and rise to new glories. Even the greatest of nations may suffer a catastrophic leader, but the nation can survive the test and protect its resilience — if the public stays true to its values, institutions and traditions. That was true two millennia ago, and remains true today.

Of course.  We shall overcome.  In one year or a hundred.  In Trump’s world or another.  By definition.

Is that all?  The end of the story?  Is it sufficient for you to resign yourself to the natural arc of time, knowing that Trump and his legacy will be swept away … at some point, just like Caligula?  Are you satisfied to feel injustice, but stay in your comfort zone and accept current events as fate?  Trump, the GOP, and their plutocratic bosses hope you are.

Or are you ready to take control of your life and be a part of, and not just observe, history?

For those of us here, now, is not the quality of how we overcome more important than our endurance?

How do you want to be remembered in 10 years or a generation from now?

What is your commitment and role in #TheResistance?


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Thank you, Trump

#ThankyouTrump While we all knew Trump’s presidency would be a disaster – and it is – there is much to be thankful there.  We only learn when we’re tested and the limits are pushed, which they surely have. This isn’t politics as usual.  It’s a generational aberration.  So we’re learning and thanking him for a lot.

Trump’s lack of experience, maturity, manners, dignity, grace, class, professionalism, empathy, truth telling, business sense, negotiation ability, self-awareness, and critical thinking (one could go on, but I’ll stop here)  has tested – and in many cases redefined – politics, the Presidency, and our culture.  If Americans want to be FREED, it’s imperative that all free thinkers learn from this painful experience.

We’ll update this list with your suggestions, corrections, data, and comments below or sent to us.

The Bottom Line

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  While the country regresses in the short term, we believe that Trump’s extremism ultimately provides a superior environment for real change – sooner rather than later – compared to a Clinton presidency … that is if Americans don’t continue to be vigilant, engaged, and politically active.

Special thank yous

  • Activate the left.  Obama and Bernie excited millions.  But they engaged few who typically didn’t participate in voting and the normal political process.  It took the real horrors of Trump to do that, get millions marching in the streets, and create #TheResistance.
  • Accelerate social change. There have been and will be more significant social justice losses with Republicans in control of the federal government.  Those losses will eventually be reversed.  What is significant is that new change is already happening.  Consider #MeToo, the culture surrounding the harassment of women. Within a year Trump’s Neanderthal misogyny and his election gave rise to the next generation women’s movement.  You can draw a direct line from Trump’s rise to his pussy grabbing to the downfall of Fox’s Roger Ailes and Bill O‘Reilly to the disclosures bringing down many other political, entertainment, and business figures.
  • The rise of the common man.  While Trump as a billionaire is no more common than a US Senator, his election does give hope through one example that the country is receptive to candidates outside the normal political sphere, which is dominated by people who are typically male, white, straight, religious, and from the government or legal profession.

Everything old is new again

Thank you for the history lesson and reminders!

  • Rage rules. From an historical perspective, the past 50 years have been relatively sedate politically.  However earlier times have exhibited the mob mentality encouraged by Trump. Rage can be a powerful force.
  • Populism returns. Bernie Sanders’ rise signaled a return to populism.  Clinton’s campaign took notice and tacked to the left. However it was insufficient as Trump was able to take away geographically critical voters.  The combination of populism + rage + personality was just enough to beat sanity and experience.  This lesson isn’t new.  But it’s one Democrats often fail to embrace.
  • The limits of democracy.  Often a threat is insufficient.  It takes a generational attack on our institutions to see how fragile they are and not take them for granted.
  • The strength of democracy.  See above.  Trump’s blundering will affect government for decades.  But at the same time life (so far) has largely continued as normal.  The federal government was sufficiently robust and checked by state, and local government, patriotic federal government employees who placed country above party or Russian puppet, the media, and an active citizenry.
  • The Real Fake News.  Lies and fake news have been a part of politics forever.  It’s seen an asymmetric expansion on the right the past few decades as a part of the Republican toolkit (see Swiftboating and Truthiness).  Attacking legitimate media as cover for your own lies is natural, both as the next step in the evolution of this trend and Trump’s tenuous grasp of reality.  However Trump has reached a breaking point.   His lies now are so prevalent that they not only keep comics and the media busy on an hourly basis, they’ve also reached the limit where they severely damaged the credibility of anything the speaker and party says.

21st Century Rules

Donald, you, sir, are a trailblazer.

  • Connected America. Trump won the presidency by breaking the traditional rules that required government experience, expensive advertising, and extensive local ground organizations.   Instead he owned the mass, social, and partisan media and engaged a foreign government.  While it’s possible – though not clear – that mass media will be more balanced in the future, what is certain is that media, technology, and marketing are new and huge factors in the game of politics.

Could have been worse

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) poster child.  Psychiatrists can’t ethically diagnose someone who is not a patient.  But his NPD affliction is clear to thousands of mental health professionals.  Millions of Americans now know what this sad disease looks like.
  • Not a true authoritarian (yet).  Many have feared the rise of totalitarianism and a strongman based on Trump’s rhetoric,  tweets, and inability to focus outside himself.  However this pathology – so far – appears to be more internally directed (see NPD above) than an externalized megalomania.

Lying to your own supporters

Not that they listen.  Or care. Or their media will cover or tell the truth about it.

Trump promised to support the middle class that was left behind by international trade, elites, and wealthy donors. Instead he proposed and enacted administrative rules and laws that were the total opposite.  Trump, we thank thee for these gifts.

They show your real truth and will eventually help FREE America.

  • They not only didn’t expand his core voters, but they also harmed the populist part of his base.
  • They drew overwhelming support from the Republican party, which makes both Trump and the party responsible.
  • They provide strong ammunition for future candidates that demonstrate Trump’s and the GOP’s true intentions.


Additional articles in which we’re grateful for Trump.



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U.S. Economic Slavery Worsens

I penned the article on the Civil War below four years ago.   I asked when will we ‘make the US great again?’  and return to economic equality and a strong middle class.

Today little has changed.  Trump took that phrase for his own slogan.  His version of MAGA is a reversion to earlier times of straight white male supremacy like the Civil War era.  With Lyin’ Donald and the Republicans in control, economic slavery is only getting worse.


The Civil War anew: U.S. economic slavery 150 years later

March 28, 2013

The New York Times commemorates the Civil War’s 150th anniversary with an ongoing series called Disunion.  The closed patriarchy of slaveowners clashed with the freedom and opportunity of the West.  The article Mitchel Thompson’s War by C Kay Larson documents the strong support for the war in the Union Midwest.

Slave ownership made for bad economics …

[F]uture governor Richard Ogilvy told how, as a young laborer in Kentucky, he could charge only $6 a month, lest he lose out to slave labor, which could be rented out at $75 a year.

… and bad culture.

Rev. Charles Beecher  said the question was not “ whether black men are forever to be slaves, but whether the sons of Puritans are to become slaves themselves.”

The country was growing up and recognizing the externalities of an unjust and imbalanced socioeconomic system.

Northwest Illinois farmers’ mantra became “free territories, free homesteads, and protection to free labor.”

Is it any different today as billionaire industrialists have created their own plantations of wealth, often squirreled overseas to save every last penny … where their enterprises are too big to fail … their jobs are guaranteed with golden parachutes … their adverse actions have no consequences?   Their money has bought the political power to increase their holdings at the expense of the rest of the country.  They’ve destroyed the middle class, weakened the social network, gutted job security, increased poverty, and cheapened life for those who are not privileged.

150 years ago:

[A] new Republican Party alliance was struck between Western free farmers and Eastern industrialists.

Where is the alliance, Republican or otherwise, that will break today’s slavery?

When will the technology and innovation industries meet their social obligations and join with the people to make the US great again?

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Whose World Do You Want To Live In?

I want to tell you a story. You’ve been hearing it for the past two years.  It’s about darkness, fear, and despair.   The world is collapsing.  Our borders let in murderers and rapists.  Muslims are killing the Americans left alive.  Women, minorities, and non-Christians get preferred treatment over white men.  Billionaires and corporations should be treated as gods.  Science is for sissies.  Our national intelligence and military are not respected.  Freedom is for the chosen few.

It’s the 1950s Happy Days … or the 1930s Weimar … or 1900 BC.

That’s Trump’s story.  That’s what he wants to make great again.

I want to tell you another story, an alternate set of facts, if you please.

Once upon a time America was respected across the world. People everywhere admired the country for its rule of law, focus on the future, dynamism, individual rights, vigorous media, practicality, and openness to difference.

Government wasn’t perfect.  It allowed billionaires and corporations to corrupt institutions, cheat on their taxes,  pollute our air, water, and food, and keep most of the money at expense of everyone else.

But on the whole government was good when it could stand up for the people.  It protected the weak, provided basic health care for all, and supported the young, disabled, and elderly.  It forced everyone to respect other people’s rights and let them be who they want to be in peace. It strove to have FEWER Flint Michigan disasters, not more.

It was a time when conservative stewardship meant protecting this land not just for us, but for our children, and our children’s children … not for ever more corporate exploitation and profits.

It was a time when science,  logic, and open and transparent inquiry were respected and treasured, for they formed the basis of a good share of everyday life, from America’s military might to popular media to amazing advances in health and agriculture to the latest electronics, phones, Internet, and technology.

Despite occasional myopic, meddlesome, and, er, Trumped up wars, the U.S. exuded optimism and kept moving forward and upward.  The nation was a shining beacon across the planet for freedom and progress.

Life was good.  Many were happy.  All the women were strong, the men good looking, and the children above average.  And not just the white folks.  Too bad the kids weren’t as excellent at school as other first world countries and were taught the world revolved around them.  But they typically grew up to be fine citizens and weren’t sheep.  And we still managed to out-innovate everyone else.

This time was 2016.

So, forget the rhetoric and politics.  Ask yourself one question.  OK, just a few actually.

What time do you want to live in?

What world do you want to live in?

What will you do to make your world a reality?

Be FREED. Not Trumped.

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Make America Great Again … Again

The past 50 years have seen more innovation than the rest of the entire 200,000 million year history of modern man.  The tidal wave of change has finally caught up to society.

The world is in flux. Media has exploded. The election of a TV celebrity to President shows the power today of mass media and the Internet to catapult neophytes to stardom and insulate people in their own tribes.

Capitalism has run amok. The rich have continued a multi-decade march to reshape society in their image and own the government. They’ve destroyed liberalism and unions, which have given a voice to the common man.   They’ve destroyed the checks and balances of American civilization that enabled a thriving middle class.  As a result income inequality has robbed an entire generation of the promise of a better future.  The ultimate expression has arrived today with a billionaire in the White House who lives in a different reality of alternative facts and has brought his fellow billionaires to play and dismantle the government.

Many despair. Some withdraw. Others fight. A few cling to the old activism.

There is another choice. A new model for a new time.

We can make American great again … again.   Here is how.

  • Use the power of the Internet to connect and grow.
  • Conquer a weak brand with a stronger brand.
  • Embrace the madness with absurdity and humor.
  • Turn to the light and the love.
  • Revel in facts and logic.
  • Think for yourself.
  • Join a growing resistance of millions.
  • Take back power for yourself, your community, and your country!

Get FREED.  Not Trumped.

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Never Again

By Marc Freedman

The Jews know a few things about being FREED.

I’m Jewish. We have a special sensitivity to oppression that’s virtually imprinted on us at a genetic level. We are all immigrants. Trump said ‘Never again‘ at the Holocaust Remembrance Day.  But in his Orwellian doublethink pay attention to his actual actions.

He has already started to come for the Muslims.  The Mexicans are queued up next.  And then who?

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Pastor Martin Niemöller

A culture of fear, hate, and incompetence is institutionalized in Trump’s presidency. If you waited, what more do you need see?  He’s created and staffed  a Ministry of Truth that refuses science and creates its own alternative facts.  He isn’t satisfied with taking the US back to the fantasy of white Christian 1950s.  He is retreating further to the dark 1930s where the response to economic inequality was the charisma of a strongman who rode fear and mob rule to racial annihilation.

This is not politics as usual.  These are not regular Republicans.  It’s evil, whether it’s a cult of narcissism, the tyranny of the Christian majority, the nihilsm of libertarians, or the next step toward totalitarianism.  It must be stopped.  In all ways.  Now.  It is time.

I care because as a rational human being (and an engineer) I believe and live in the world of logic.  That’s my reality.  That’s what allows me to type on a computer, use email, and send this over the Internet.  A lie, broadcast and repeated hundred fold, is still a lie. It cannot be allowed to flourish, cower listeners through repetition, build power, acquire legitimacy, and flood our coastlines through neglect.  Yet that’s exactly how dictators work.  How he works.  And it’s succeeded.

I care because the suppression of facts, the cult of personality, and the demonization of dissent is plainly wrong.  I care because a narcissist who acts like a spoiled brat and pouts and attacks when he can’t be number one – when he should be running the country – should not hold any public office, must less the nuclear launch codes.  I care because a racist misogynist xenophobe does not deserve respect and is not a role model for our children.  I care because all the above cannot be the legacy we pass on to our children’s children.  I care because this cannot be the new normal or we have truly started down that dangerous slippery slope.

I care because I’m Jewish and we have seen this before. They have come for us.  We know how this can end if we wait too long and don’t stand up to authoritarians.

I care because we have vowed Never again.  In the real world.  Not Trump fantasy land.

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