Free Book A Day Author Registration

FREEDAmerica will be promoting a Free Book A Day service to our networking list of 50,000 professional contacts. We invite published authors who can provide a free ebook to participate at no cost.

We invite authors to register before we formally launch the program.  Why register and not wait?

  • There will be no cost to participate and get free promotion for your book(s).
  • As a founding author we’ll list your book multiple times as we grow for maximum exposure.

After you register we’ll get in touch so you can provide more information about the book(s) you plan to offer.

There are two ways to register.

  1.  If you’re on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can sign up through the LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back program, which will generate thousands of new professional Twitter followers.  Just make sure you check the option on the form for Published Author.
  2. Register below.

Registration form

In the Message field please enter Industry, Page length, and Title for each book, and any other suggestions, comments, or questions.