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#FREEDRev 114.2 – Trump: We’ll always have Helsinki Part Dva

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See Trump: We’ll always have Helsinki Part One

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Novel Excerpt

Trump and Melania had breakfast with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and his wife, Jenni Haukio, at Mantyniemi, the presidential residence in Helsinki. Afterward Trump departed with his Secret Service detail and Pamela, his personal aide. A half hour later his limo pulled up to Finland Presidential Palace. The street had been blocked off.

A secret service agent opened the car door to let them out. Trump looked over the limo south to an open market and harbor. “I love waterfront locations. But they could have done something with the boring spot here.”

“Absolutely, sir,” said Pamela. “Finland’s GDP would rank it only 24th as a US State, about the same as Louisiana.”

He was happy with Pamela, a former softball star for the University of Florida. He took notice of her as an intern at Trump headquarters during the election. She was smart and sexy. The daily Democrat hysterics resulted in his body man having to be re-assigned two months ago, an opening that she was thrilled to fill.

A small Finnish delegation joined them inside the gate with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his traveling staff.

“Mr. President, I trust your meeting with President Niinisto went well.”

“Yes, Mike, he and his wife are very nice. He doesn’t golf. He rollerblades. What the hell is that about?”

Pompeo smiled. “Yes, sir. … We are ready for your personal meeting with President Putin. He and the two interpreters are waiting.” He nodded at a large man with glasses next to him. “This is Finnish External Affairs Minister Timo Soini. He will escort you to the room.”

The Minister shook his hand. “Mr. President, I am a fan. I am honored to have you in Helsinki. Please come with me to Gothic Hall. All the arrangements have been made.”

Soini escorted him past ceremonial guards into the Palace and the elegant Esplanade Foyer. They proceeded up a staircase with a red patterned carpet. Trump admired the gold appointments in the Palace and old-style marbling on the staircase. They walked to a closed door flanked by a Secret Service agent and Russian Guard officer. The agent opened the doors for them.

The Gothic Hall was narrow but felt roomy. It was two stories tall with a cupola and glass top that brought in warm sunlight. The ceiling and cupola featured medieval paintings and coats of arms.

The two interpreters sat off to one side next at a table with coffee and pastries. A round antique wood table with ornate legs sat in the middle of the room on the other side. President Putin was seated and talking on a phone.

Trump and Soini walked over to Putin who slipped the phone in his pocket. Trump extended his hand.

“Mr. President, I must congratulate you on a really great World Cup. One of the best ever everyone tells me.”

“Thank you, Mr. President.”

Soini walked to a side door. “Gentlemen, this way.”

The three of them proceeded through the door to a service entrance where they picked up another pair of Secret Service and Russian agents. The group took a waiting elevator down several floors to an underground location. They exited to a well-lit but spare corridor.

Soini stopped and said “President Trump and President Putin, please have an excellent meeting. We’ll be ready upstairs when you are done.”

The agents took them to a door off to the right.  A small sign with thin slanted letters said Lazy Kot.  They entered a conference room with a large screen at the other end. One person was already there – Melania Trump. …

... end excerpt ...

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#FREEDRev 114.1 – Trump: We’ll always have Helsinki

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Subject: Ready for the summit
From: Mr. Lover Lover Man
To: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian

My Dearest Dian,

It is amazing.  Writing you the highlight of my day.  Fake news obstruction Dems criticism galore bullshit every day all day no respect fools for staff.  Blamed them back as always.  See I do remember my training.  Rawwwr!!!!!

Meloonia’s driving me fucking crazy on this trip.  She’ll do anything to get out of Washington.  Separate rooms her own staff the Trump plane unlimited spending money.  Never enough for the bitch.  What the fuck do you women want?  I’m over 4,000 years old.  Still don’t know.  Gave up after the first hundred.   I won the election huge.  Sue me.  Get in line.  Hah!  Already have two ex-wives.

But I do have to admit painful this is you were right. She wasn’t just a trial run.  She was best for presidential wife.  Certainly not for the sex.  At least not how these humans finish in under an hour.  You’d be hiring a dozen peeing hookers yourself with the sad way she fucks.

Thank Timeless-, er God, I have another round at Trump Turnberry later today.  4 hours peace.  Just me and that sweet piece of turf.

Mel has her uses.  Everyone seems to like her.  I am surprised at the number of people she already knows.

All set for the meeting with President Putin tomorrow. I hope you liked my setting the bar low.  Actually picked that up from Rachel on MSNBC.  Get my joke on Saint Petersburg?  We’ll get way more than that.  Muahahahahaha.

Your Lover Lover Man,
The Donald

Decrypt Message


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