Release – FREEDAmerica Launches FBResist for a Stronger Resistance


FREEDAmerica Launches FBResist for More Effective Twitter Resistance

FBResist builds on Twitter Follow Back Political Resistance


MAY 8 2018 DALLAS, TX FREEDAmerica today announced the launch of FBResist –  short for Follow Back Resistance – at to support progressive Twitter users.  FBResist is a part of the Twitter Resistance movement, which can be found through #TheResistance, #FBResist, #FBR, #Resist, and related hashtags.

The Twitter Resistance community provides information, education, organization, and support to fight President Donald Trump.  FBResist builds on the Twitter Follow Back Resistance practice to build connections whereby members follow the Golden Rule.  I’ll follow you on Twitter and you’ll follow me back in return.

Founder Marc Freedman said:

Like many rational people, it took the unreality of Trump to drive me to Twitter and the amazing community there.  I’m a member of the Resistance — and the Revolution.  The #FBR parties and resistance hash tags are nice.  But they’re inefficient.  They do nothing to prevent bots or non-resister freeloaders.  They make it a slow and painful process if you’re serious about building your Twitter followers from fellow Progressives and have to wait to get past Twitter limitations.

FBResist is a better solution for quality followers. Our opt-in web-based registration and Twitter lists are more secure.  They help deter inauthentic users and bots who can also be removed.  Most importantly, FBResist makes it far easier and more productive to follow Resistance members and be followed back.

FBResist consists of a web form that new members fill out with their Twitter ID, lists of FBResist members, and a manual process of confirming qualifying Twitter accounts.

Twitter Activism

FREEDAmerica and Marc Freedman support and are an active participant in Twitter political activism for The Resistance. The Resistance formed as a response to the existential threat posed by President Trump, his and his Administration’s corruption, and his ongoing attacks on truth, facts, individuals, institutions, and the norms of presidential behavior and decency.

Twitter has become a home for resistance activism for multiple reasons.

  • Twitter is the preferred medium for President Trump who regularly tweets.  Users can directly respond to or comment on him.
  • Twitter makes it each for resistance members to find, connect, and communicate with each other, as well as activists, journalists, scientists, and politicians.
  • The free and open Twitter platform gives every user a voice, whether they want to write a short message or upload art or other media, organize other users,  support individual users through retweets, likes, and comments, or just read the latest news and updates.


The Resistance Twitter community keeps hope alive amid the current dark authoritarian times.  It enhances and supports real world activities like marches, door to door canvassers, and donations. The Resistance provides a way for Americans to be speak out and be engaged in the political process when they might not otherwise be involved because of their location, finances, age, or ability.

About FREEDAmerica


FREEDAmerica  was founded by Marc Freedman for progressives who want to be FREED to:

  • Be active participants in our democracy, our country, and our world.
  • Live lives of intent and purpose with passion, integrity, empathy, and continual learning.
  • Pursue facts, science, and truth over authority and party.
  • Empower ourselves and our communities amid an indifferent economy and rapacious capitalism.
  • Restore vision, progress, and hope in our country and not regress to tribalism and fear.



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