Personal: Live Better and Longer Through Yoga

This body hack is not FREEDAmerica-related. But it really works and is worth sharing if it could help you.

I highly recommend yoga to improve both your inner and outer health and peace.  Yoga increases flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.  It’s a natural and virtually harmless activity that you can take at your own pace in a class or at home.  If a studio is too expensive, you can buy a mat for $20 and watch videos on YouTube or the Internet on your computer or phone, or through your cable network.

Sedentary or sports nut? You can enjoy the benefits of yoga whether you currently don’t do anything, only walk, or have an active fitness program.  Yoga is ideal for cross-training and enhances your other workout activities.

In regular pain?  Yoga can prevent or help you heal from various types of pain, such as migraine, shoulder, and back pain, due to injury, working out, or getting older.

Want to live longer?  If you’re over 40 (like me), yoga fights the dreaded process of aging.  It enhances your overall mobility and helps you live better and longer.

Here are 21 Reasons for Yoga.

  • It helps you live in the present
  • It helps with stress relief
  • You will sleep better
  • It can help relieve chronic pain
  • It will make you stronger
  • You will gain flexibility AND mobility
  • It helps the body detoxify and aids in organ function
  • Gain a sense of inner calm
  • It reminds you to breathe!
  • You enhance proprioception
  • You will build your self confidence
  • It helps with weight management
  • You become a part of a lineage
  • It will improve your posture
  • It helps with concentration
  • You will cultivate an attitude of gratitude
  • It can be cathartic and help unlock stuck emotions
  • Deeper breathing reduces stress and inflammation
  • You will have steamier sex!
  • You will become more playful
  • You grow your community


Marc Freedman


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