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The FREEDWork newsletter @ shares FREEDWork news and valuable tips to help businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs succeed.  Topics include management, marketing, networking, funding, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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    • FREEDAmerica Announces FREEDWork Newsletter (Sat Feb 16 '19) - FREEDAmerica launches FREEDWork business newsletter written by Marc Freedman. Valuable tips for businesses, professionals & entrepreneurs. Topics include management, marketing, networking, funding, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Learn more/sign up @— FREEDWork (@FREEDWork) February 20, 2019… ... Read More
    • Corporate Merger to Help Build FREEDWork (Fri Jan 18 '19) - Marc Freedman, founder of FREEDAmerica, merges his CMO consulting business with Kuware, an Austin digital marketing agency. The transaction will help kickstart FREEDWork with content and marketing outreach. The press release follows. Kuware acquires Dallas-based… ... Read More
    • FREED Technology – Economics and Social Good of Decentralization (Mon Feb 19 '18) - In 2001 I started a Peer to Peer (P2P) company, RazorPop, that used the Internet to free media from the control of giant entertainment conglomerates and give the power of choice back to consumers.  Since… ... Read More
    • Content Needs to be FREED Too (Fri Feb 9 '18) - We all need to show love to content creators, from artists, musicians, and other creatives to business consultants and content producers. By love, I mean money. In the past those channels were limited to mass… ... Read More
    • Trump & The Tax Bill, the Present That Keeps Giving (Mon Jan 15 '18) - The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the 'win' that wasn't.  The legislation was promoted with proven lies and failures (trickle down).  It could have been fact-based and middle class-supportive.  Instead it's a donor… ... Read More
    • U.S. Economic Slavery Worsens (Thu Dec 14 '17) - I penned the article on the Civil War below four years ago.   I asked when will we 'make the US great again?'  and return to economic equality and a strong middle class. Today little has… ... Read More
    • Corpocracy: Corporate Class Warfare (Sun Jul 8 '12) - Bob Cringely writes IT class warfare – It’s not just IBM. The essay embraces the complexity, nuance, and global dimensions of the self-destruction of the IT industry. He writes primarily to speak to the legions… ... Read More