#FREEDRev 115.1 – Trump: Cheeseburger in Paradise

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Direct Trump




Subject: Fetuses in Jail
From: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian
To: BledTrump

May the words of The Timeless One
Permeate my cells
urround my atoms
Infuse my quantum essence
so that I may be honored
to feel her Divine presence across all time
and breathe in her wisdom and patience

What the FUCK. You are STILL tearing the babies away from their parents. Even that horrifies our fearful leaders. Are you too busy sucking Kim Jong Un dick to pay attention to our messages? This was neither in the script nor approved. It threatens our work.

I instructed you a month ago on this. You almost destroyed the Zed verse with your covfefe brainfart last year. This is the last time you fuck with my command.

This will cease. IMMEDIATELY.

Let me make this easy so even your amoeba-level intelligence can get this. If I don’t see you unambiguously reversing this within 24 hours on Fox and Friends and executing it with due speed, I’ll activate the contingency plan. This is your only warning.

You’ll have maybe 15 years in that decaying orange meatsuit that you bloated beyond reason. That’s it. No rejuve. No upgrade. True death. The end.

That’s being optimistic. Some here in the control center think you’ll only last a year on that McDonald’s cheeseburger diet. My bet is on 6 months.

Your choice, motherfucker.

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