#FREEDRev 114.1 – Trump: We’ll always have Helsinki

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Subject: Ready for the summit
From: Mr. Lover Lover Man
To: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian

My Dearest Dian,

It is amazing.  Writing you the highlight of my day.  Fake news obstruction Dems criticism galore bullshit every day all day no respect fools for staff.  Blamed them back as always.  See I do remember my training.  Rawwwr!!!!!

Meloonia’s driving me fucking crazy on this trip.  She’ll do anything to get out of Washington.  Separate rooms her own staff the Trump plane unlimited spending money.  Never enough for the bitch.  What the fuck do you women want?  I’m over 4,000 years old.  Still don’t know.  Gave up after the first hundred.   I won the election huge.  Sue me.  Get in line.  Hah!  Already have two ex-wives.

But I do have to admit painful this is you were right. She wasn’t just a trial run.  She was best for presidential wife.  Certainly not for the sex.  At least not how these humans finish in under an hour.  You’d be hiring a dozen peeing hookers yourself with the sad way she fucks.

Thank Timeless-, er God, I have another round at Trump Turnberry later today.  4 hours peace.  Just me and that sweet piece of turf.

Mel has her uses.  Everyone seems to like her.  I am surprised at the number of people she already knows.

All set for the meeting with President Putin tomorrow. I hope you liked my setting the bar low.  Actually picked that up from Rachel on MSNBC.  Get my joke on Saint Petersburg?  We’ll get way more than that.  Muahahahahaha.

Your Lover Lover Man,
The Donald

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Next – Putin & Helsinki book excerpt


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