#FREEDRev 113.2 – BledDian: Respect Rocks!

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Subject: re: Easy baby!
From: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian
To: BledTrump

Earth is a big planet, Donny. Lots of volcanos and rocks. Actually mostly water. You’ll be fine.

It’s just the beginning. But the transformation will accelerate. Now is an ideal time to divest any coastal properties – including your beloved Mar-a-Lago – when you can.  Before they depreciate too much. Maybe to your Russian friends. I know you think you’re playing with house money. But do make an effort. Buy low, sell high, and move on. Didn’t you teach that at Trump U?

We’ll inform you when it’s needed. I told you I agreed to let it snow. I just didn’t say it would come down as ash.

I’ve got my orders just like you have yours.

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