#FREEDRev 109.4 – Trump: No Covfefe

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A day after the covfefe tweet:




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Fermilab Reveals a Glimpse Behind the Cosmic Veil
Mysterious cosmic neutrino event may help explain dark matter or energy

The Earth witnessed a cosmic event that lasted for 6 hours and 3 minutes on May 31 2017. The Mini Booster Neutrino Experiment (MiniBooNE) at Fermilab in Batavia Illinois in the United States detected massive numbers of so-called ‘sterile neutrinos’ during this time. This was the first clear detection of the sterile neutrino.

The number of detected sterile neutrinos, as well as other particles, steadily increased for the duration of the event and then quickly dropped and disappeared in the last few minutes. No sterile neutrinos have been detected since the event. There is no explanation for either the great number of neutrinos or extended duration of the event.

Neutrinos formed in the early microseconds of the formation of the universe. They are also created as part of radioactive decay in the core of a star, cosmic ray collisions in the atmosphere, nuclear reactors, and atomic bombs. They were originally thought to be massless but were proven in 1998 to have a negligible but real mass. Trillions of neturinos harmlessly pass through our bodies every second at essentially the speed of light.

There are three known types of neutrinos. The just found fourth flavor, the sterile neutrino, is called sterile because unlike the other three types, it is not affected by the weak interaction force that’s associated with radioactive decay.

According to Fermilab Principal Scientist and MIT Professor Hans Oberlerfer, “I cannot impress on you too much how lucky we were to see this. It may very well be the first ever event of its kind. We were fortunate to have MiniBooNE running.

“We hoped to find a few sterile neutrinos. Instead there was a torrential hurricane of sterile and other neutrinos, as well as other unknown exotic particles. It will open up a new branch of physics that will keep us busy for many decades.

“We’re co-ordinating analysis with other particle labs across the world. They also have detected extreme and unexplainable results. But it appears that our readings are by far the most prominent evidence of what happened.

“We do not know the source of these particles. There has been literally nothing to see other than our instruments. No Earth or space observatories have reported anything out of the ordinary on any wavelength. What we do know is the volume of neutrinos exploded to a level comparable to the output of a million suns. So it is a true cosmic galactic-level event.

“A number of theories have been floated. Some say it’s evidence of technology, warfare, or civilization far beyond our current comprehension. Neutrino oscillations and exotic particles leave open the possibility of an event outside classical spacetime. It may be the collapse of a huge dark matter structure or a higher dimensional phase change. Whatever the cause, this marks the beginning of a truly exciting time in both experimental and theoretical physical science.

“A few reporters have brought up Occam’s Razor. They’ve asked for the simplest explanation. One that doesn’t involve dark matter or energy, other dimensions, aliens, time travel, or magic.

“That would mean millions of stars suddenly appeared and then just as suddenly disappeared. It’s as if the hand of God just swatted the universe without warning and a good chunk of the galaxy blinked in and then out of existence. I find that even more frightening.”

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