#FREEDRev 107.2 – Trump: Time Person of the Year

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Direct Trump




Subject: Two would have been too much
From: Donald Trump, 2016 Time Person of the Year
To: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian
In response to:
President Hilary Clinton 2017 Time Person of the Year

Are you fucking kidding me? Crooked Hilary won there. SAD.  That’s why I’m here.

I crushed her here. Biggest win ever.

Time Magazine called to say that I didn’t win this year. So I passed. I would have had to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot, which was no good anyway.

Fake media wasn’t going to give to it me two years in a row. Magazine industry is just as biased as TV. It wouldn’t have happened at Fox. I told Murdoch he ought to buy ’em.

Or I could accelerate the press crackdown schedule.  This is getting me H-O-T. Dian, my gorgeous daughter from another mother, send me a few more of those sexy holovids.


** END **

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