#FREEDRev 105.2 – BledDian: Purge

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Date : Feb 16 2018
Subject: re: Feelin’ lucky
From: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian
To: BledTrump
In response to: The Purge

Received & acknowledged.

Conservator, projections say No on the daughter wives.  Pussy grabbing was plenty.  Just stick with Stormy, Jessica, and your other friends.  Remember the big big picture.  You’ll have plenty of time to get your true freak on.

I do see a few indicators trending downward that we need to correct.  It’s your own purge.  Staff turnover and unfilled positions are abysmal.  Get the fuck in gear.  You knew this would be a dark time.  Less Fox and daughter masturbation, more real presidenting.  Delegate to Pence.  Throw that cow Melania a bone if you haven’t got her involved yet.   You’re so good saying ‘You’re Fired.’  It’s long past time for ‘You’re Hired.’


** END **

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