#FREEDRev 103.2 – BledDian: Largest Inauguration


First – read Trump’s Tweet


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Subject: re: Who’s your daddy now?
From: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian
To: BledTrump
In response to: Largest inauguration

Received & acknowledged.

And fuck you, you low level shitpig.  Stick to protocol or you’ll be the one licking field latrines. This is a general account.

Just do your job. I’ll do mine.  You won by a bigly margin, 77 electoral votes, well within operational design.  If we made it even larger, we’d attract too much attention. I can make new universes. I can’t manufacture magic.  You may be some ass’s daddy.  But you’re not omnipotent. Not even there.

I repeat action item 34 from last month’s directives.  Melania plays a special role.  She must be more than an interior decorator.  Get her involved. She needs to have an active FLOTUS schedule and program.  Make it happen.

** END **

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Melva D Strockman

Exactly! Even Johnson’s 1st lady planted flowers to beautify america. Malaria’s xmas looked like a dante illustration. Easter was a disaster. She reads to kids who can’t decipher her accent

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