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Date: Jan 21 2017
Subject: Who’s your daddy now?
From: Your daddy
To: BledSnartz 40299242023430111 Priority Zed | BledDian

Phase 2 completed.  Most successful ever. Phase 3 starting now.

Crooked Hilary is a loser.  I won.  Millions more at my inauguration.  Most viewers in history.  Everybody loves a winner. My base is better and smarter.  Who’s your daddy now?

Exciting. Very very exciting.  I’ll teach the country about real power.  Clean the swamp.  Show them who’s the real boss.  Even if this white house is a shithole.  Melania will have to come down from New York to fix it up.  Needs a huge Trump sign on top.  A big big cherry.

Dian, darling, trust me, Trump is amazing.  Getting wet for me yet?

Next time how about a little breathing room?  I still can’t believe I lost the popular vote.

** END **

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