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To: New FREEDRevolution Field Recruit
Subject: Welcome
From: FREEDRevolution Multiverse Command HQ

By clicking Decrypt you just mastered a key part of the deep stateYou are hereby appointed the rank of Private, subject to the terms and conditions of your commission.

Welcome to the amazing multiverse of FREEDRevolution!


Your first order –  Help free the country.
If you’re on Twitter, follow us @myFREEDAmerica.

Trick or Tweet

Short messages, or tweets as they’re known on Twitter, are just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes a tweet is just a tweet.  What you see if what you get. If there is a link, it’s to a public web page.  But other times …

  • A tweet says one thing and means the total opposite … like most Trump tweets.
  • A regular-looking tweet encodes a second, different message like the tweet at the top of this page. 
  • The tweet is nonsense and clearly hides a secret message for private eyes.

Learn the Secrets of the Ancients

Author Marc Freedman discovered tremendous bigly cryptoquantum technology that for the first time opens this hidden world.  He’s added this tech here on the FREEDAmerica web site, exclusively for fellow FREEDRevolutionaries. You can access it two ways.

  • When you receive our Daily Digest email, look for and click the SECRET text link at the end of each tweet.
  • If you’re on FREEDRevolution Live or Twitter, each tweets typically contain a frd1.us shortlink like frd1.us/FRFAQ to click.

You’ll be taken a special web page like this.  Click the button that reads Decrypt or Trump Truth just like you did above to activate our software and reveal the Top Secret message.  

What is FREEDRevolution?

FREEDRevolution is Twittertainment, an entertainment production inspired by our glorious President and his delightful tweets.  Trump is one of our main characters.  We use his actual messages.  Our story will evolve in near real-time in response to his tweets and Presidency, assuming we have a couple more years before he fully melts the polar ice caps or burns the planet to extra crispy.

We have a rich (as in high quality and abundant, not Trumpian wealthy) cast.  People and messages may be real or fictitious. Communications are initiated with a tweet, which also may be real like Trump’s tweets or fictitious.  Each tweet has a link that takes you to a web page for decryption. There may be several tweets in a thread as the cast interacts with one another.  It’ll be fun and hopefully mindblowing.  But you do get what you pay for.

Do I have to be on Twitter?

No, you don’t have to be Twitterpated to follow FREEDRevolution.

  • If you are on Twitter, groovy.  We think our Daily Dispatch below is a better experience.  But you can also read, follow, and love us on Twitter.  Here is our Twitter cast list.  We’ll update it as we add new characters. Here is the Twitter feed that drives FREEDRevolution Live.
  • If you’re not on Twitter, good for you!  You don’t need a Twitter account and likely never did, except to follow your sister’s cat or #TheResistance.

Join the Revolution

If you’re not already a regular reader, this is how you can participate.

  1. Join us.   Sign up to receive our Daily Dispatch email with the latest news from the front.
  2. Get it now.  If you can’t wait for the Dispatch, check us Live for the latest communications.
  3. Catch up. If you just joined us, read what you missed at our Archive.

Now on with the show …



Decrypt Message


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