FREEDAmerica and FREEDRevolution Properties and Social Media

If you’re a FREEDAmerica subscriber but aren’t receiving our updates a few times a week, please sign up for FREEDRevolution as that’s where everything is being posted.

Since we started several months ago, we’ve learned a lot about (and continue to improve) publishing and promoting FREEDRevolution.  We’ve had to develop a Twittertainment platform, including various pieces of technology.

It’s a challenge following our Supreme Overlord.  Our core consists of 15+ Twitter accounts.  Add to that FREEDAmerica news like this and compilations.  Plus there are FREEDRevolution updates, summaries, and novel excerpts.  Then mix in special features for #FightTrump, #TrumpTruth, and Trump NPD.  Lastly, for consistency we apply the FREEDRevolution model of Twitter post, short tweet/excerpt, and long decrypted message on our site to virtually all content.

We’re now on multiple social media sites.  If you’re active on them, please share the love!  Like and follow the account.  Comment, like, and share our posts.  You know, be social.  🙂

Web and Social media sites & links

  • Web  Our main site for publishing information.  It contains the latest articles in their original form, as well as archives and a custom Twitter feed.
  • Email – FREEDRevolution Sign up. Ye olde email is the best vehicle for regular updates.  Custom emails are generated based on the Twitter feed of all FREEDRevolution accounts.  They aggregate all updates for the day with links back to for the full post.
  • Twitter @myFREEDAmerica. Doesn’t retweet the full FREEDRevolution twitter cast, but includes the important tweets.
  • Facebook @FREEDAmerica
  • LinkedIn @FREEDAmerica
  • Daily Kos @FREEDAmerica


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