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Of eligible voters in the 2016 Presidential Election, the largest number – 47% – didn’t vote.  25.7% voted for Hillary Clinton. 24.6% voted for Donald Trump.  That’s a huge majority of people who either didn’t vote or voted Trump.  Just a few of them could have tipped the election the other way.

Earlier we talking about voting. You did, didn’t you? No person is an island. What about your family, friends, and network?  Did they vote?  Who for?  What are their top issues?  If it’s important to you, let them know.

Don’t wait until the week before the election.  A political discussion – both for the nation and each individual voter – is a process.  Start the dialog now so you can learn how to influence others, find your voice, support other progressives, and be able to speak in a meaningful way to Trump supporters.

In later posts we’ll publish tips about what to say to folks, even if they’re ready to anoint Trump Supreme Overlord.

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How do you respond to a treasonous, lying, morally bankrupt, incompetent, narcissist President? You resist. And don’t stop. Because inaction and avoidance are precisely what led to this catastrophe.

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