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Truth is Truth

When you’re out talking and writing online, part of fighting the real fake news is calling a lie a lie.  As we wrote earlier, words matter. Trump and the GOP’s volume of lies can only be fought with equal repetition.  Be direct and definite.  Using other words or phrases makes your statement ambiguous and pretentious.  It weakens your point. Don’t be afraid to speak truth.

Call it a lie, not fact-free or a lack of or impartial or not full or complete candor, honesty, or anything else. Your irony is wasted.
Call it a lie, not false, a falsehood, or falsity.
Call it a lie, not a fib, fake, fact-free, fabrication, feint, front, pretense, or pretext.
Call it a lie, not incorrect, inaccurate, or dubious.
Call it a lie, not a prevarication.
Call it a lie, not a mistake.
Call it a lie, not an error.
Call it a lie, not a deception.
Call it a lie, not hyperbole.
Call it a lie, not a mendacity
Call it a lie, not a misstatement or uncorroborated claim or assertion.
Call it a lie, not an untruth, avoided truth, post-truth, pre-truth, non-truth, partial truth, sidestepped truth, mis-truth, or even just plain truthy.
Call it a lie, not misleading, mischaracterization, disingenuous, evasion, exaggeration, embellishment, or shade.
Call it a lie, not a contrivance, obfuscation, feint, pretense, act, masquerade, bluff, or bogus.
Call it a lie, not partisan, an opinion, posture, point of view, perspective, interpretation, opinion, or story.
Call it a lie, not a public relations release.
Call it a lie even though you want to show off your fancy journalism degree or flowery writing style.
Call it a lie, not artificial, make-believe, fiction, or sham.
Call it a lie, not a men’s locker room joke.
Call it a lie, not a theory.
Call it a lie. Not everything is relative.
Don’t even call it false or fake news.
Just call it a lie.

It’s a lie.  Most of what he says is.  That’s the truth.  And what people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder do.

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