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Ad Fontes Media is a real Fake News Detector. This non-political site aims to objectively look at bias and quality in the cable, TV, print, and online news media. It will tell you who really is “Fair and Balanced.” Their mission is “making news consumers smarter and news media better.”

Ad Fontes reviews actual source video program segments and articles. Their focus strictly is on the content, not its entertainment value. Does the media provide a balanced portrayal of the news or does it skew to the political left or right? Is the news presented through verifiable facts or unsupported claims?

Ad Fontes produces the Media Bias Chart, which visually ranks major news networks, programs, publications, and web sites. Content is rated in two axes. One is the amount of partisanship from left/liberal to right/conservative. The other is the accuracy of the news from fact reporting to inaccurate/fabricated information.

Who’s the Real Fake News?

Answer: Fox News among cable channels. The Media Bias Chart shows that Fox is far more extreme and rarely fact-based. CNN News has a small partisan liberal bias. MSNBC has a moderate liberal bias. Fox News skews far to the right with a hyper-partisan conservative bias. While CNN and MSNBC are recognized as having fair interpretations of news, Fox News is propaganda with generally misleading information.

We support Ad Fontes Media and hope you will too. They’re running a crowdfunding campaign that we invite you to contribute to.

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How do you respond to a treasonous, lying, morally bankrupt, incompetent, narcissist President? You resist. And don’t stop. Because inaction and avoidance are precisely what led to this catastrophe.

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