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Fight Trump

Fight with your wallet

Once you've identified companies to boycott that support Trump and his proxies and policies, such as Fox News advertisers, you can fight a few ways.
  • Don't buy from them. There are plenty of other companies with similar products where you can spend your money.
  • Don't invest in them. Check your stock portfolio, including investment funds that hold the stock. Sell the funds and stocks and move your investments into other funds or companies that have similar investment profiles.
Fox is hardly the paragon of "Fair and Balanced" news. Fox News demonstrably misleads or lies at a high rate compared to other cable news networks. It is a true Fake News propaganda channel. With Trump in the White House, Fox News supplies, reinforces, and parrots his fear and paranoia. Choose other information sources for fair and open reporting.

Help Fight Trump

How do you respond to a treasonous, lying, morally bankrupt, incompetent, narcissist President? You resist. And don’t stop. Because inaction and avoidance are precisely what led to this catastrophe.

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Companies to Boycott

Check out Fox News Advertisers for more advertisers to avoid.

Fight with your Purchases

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