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If you’re a professional, we welcome you to instead visit the LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back program.  You follow/get followed by the same Resistance Progressives here  and  also can follow/get followed by LinkedIn business members.


Twitter Friends,

Like many of you, it took the unreality of Trump to drive me to Twitter.  I’m a member of the Resistance — and the Revolution.  The hashtags for  #TheResistance, #FBR parties, and others are a nice way to find others.  But they’re inefficient if you’re serious about building your Twitter followers from fellow Progressives …  and they do nothing to prevent bots.  I created a better solution here at  Our list and web-based registration is more secure and makes it easier to follow #FBResist members — so they can follow you back.  Please join us.  And yes, it’s free!

Marc Freedman

Top Questions for Twitter Newcomers
  • What is a ‘follow back’?  A Twitter follow back is just like what it sounds.  It’s a practice where I follow you and in return you promise to follow me back.
  • Is this allowed on Twitter?  Yes.  Follow back is a common, accepted, and fully permissable Twitter practice.
#FBR Lists

1. First. Please honor our founders by following them.

2. Specialty lists (Optional). Coming soon.

3. All Members. Also coming soon after we’ve filled out our Founders list.


  1. Click on lists in the order above. The Twitter list will show member photos, descriptions, and your status with the member – Follow or Following.
  2. Follow. If the Twitter use status is Follow, click it to follow that member.

Follow Back

  • Easy. Just follow all the #FBR members on the Twitter lists above.
  • Precise. There are various web services that show those followers that you don’t follow yet.  We suggest Tweepi because it’s free.
Why FBResist?
  • You want more followers, don’t you? The more followers you have, the more people who can see your Twitter updates, comments, retweets, and likes.  If you’re not on Twitter, sign up now.
  • Break through Twitter limits.  Twitter won’t let you add followers under various, sometimes magical, conditions.  Here’s one – you can’t add followers if you’re following 5,000 people and have less than that many followers.  If that happens, how do you get more followers?  Get FBResist!  Fellow members will follow you and your restriction will be lifted.
  • Support fellow Resisters. When you follow a #FBResist member, you’re also building their network.


***** Get Started & Join *****

Get Started Now!

Please follow ALL the steps below in order.  This is required to help support our community.

  1. Update your Twitter profile. You must have a full profile with complete and legitimate name, photo, and description. Add the hashtag #FBResist to your profile description.
  2. Follow us.
  3. Follow a minimum of 200 participants from our lists.  You don’t have to follow everyone or more members.  But the more people you follow, the more who will follow you back! If you’re at a Twitter limit and can’t add followers, you promise to follow FBResist members as soon as your account restriction is lifted.
  4. Promote. Please tweet: #FBResist Join me and the anti-Trump Resistance! Get more Resistance Followers  at Follow Back Resistance @ 
  5. Join FBResist below. You’ll be added to the FBResist member list so other participants can follow you.  We’ll send occasional FBResist emails to let you know of new lists with more members that you can follow.


  • Make sure you follow all the rules above first.
  • You’ll be added to a Twitter list.  Don’t sign up if you don’t want to be on a public list.
  • For your Twitter name, enter @MyName or MyName.

    FBResist members agree to receive FBResist and FREEDAmerica emails.  See our Email policy.

    Additional #FBResist policies

    We check member profiles and program compliance to help ensure high quality and legitimate followers.  While we use #FBResist in our profiles, anyone can add that hashtag for any purpose.  Please only use these lists to follow genuine members.

    Please note that any Twitter users that do not follow the rules above, don’t provide valid, accurate or current info when they join, use our members for bots or  lists without their permission,  or otherwise abuse this program will be banned and publicly shamed.

    Partners & customization

    Do you represent a Democratic candidate or have a large list, group, or Twitter following, or seek lead generation or marketing?

    Contact us about Partner opportunities. Marc Freedman and BR82 (Breakthrough Marketing) is a full service B2B and B2C marketing agency.

    • We can customize FBResist for your custom contact lists and Twitter followers to generate personalized email lists and emails.
    • FBResist can be enhanced, such as with industry and location fields, for filtering and targeting.
    • FBResist can be turned into a powerful lead generator.
    • We can plug directly into your email, CRM, or marketing automation platform, or set them up and manage them for you.
    • We can send mass emails for you or develop similar or other Twitter and multichannel marketing programs.


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