Content Needs to be FREED Too

We all need to show love to content creators, from artists, musicians, and other creatives to business consultants and content producers. By love, I mean money. In the past those channels were limited to mass media (buy a CD or book, listen to radio, pay for a webinar, etc.). The Internet opened – and in many cases destroyed – that world.

I was a part of that when I founded a P2P file sharing company in the early days of the Net. P2P was a social act of revolution that FREED content. It allowed individuals to seize control from the huge entertainment conglomerates. Good for the consumer. Good promotion but no revenues for the creator.

Since then the Internet has spawned new classes of services. Some like Spotify and Pandora replicate traditional experiences. But the financial trickle from streaming is not a solution for the creator.

New services like Patreon and (Kickstarter’s Patreon clone) are finally delivering on the promise of FREED content by directly connecting consumers to creators. Creators offer tiered fan levels that can cost just a few dollars per month or item. I support a number of creators like Robin Good.

But they’re just a part of the business puzzle.  They need more robust features like content management and community discussions that other services like Kajabi and Udemy provide.   But the largest obstacle to sustainable and economic FREEDom is that people still need to discover content creators outside the service. Even in a huge marketplace like Kickstarter, less than 25% of raised funds typically are sourced from Kickstarter itself.

What do you think? What have you found that is interesting? How do you support your favorite artists and businesses?

If you’re a content creator, how much time, if any, do you actively market to find new prospects? What’s working for you?




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