Our universe is a computer

The digital universe is the theory that the universe is essentially a huge discrete software program.  The implications of such an existence will blow you away.

It already has. Just watch The Matrix.  It underlies popular staples in science fiction like replicators, teleportation, and wormholes.  You can’t reproduce an apple, or a person, or a starship, and have it suddenly appear in your lab or a million light years away unless you can digitize it at a fundamental atomic level

And we’re starting to do exactly that.  3D printing already exists.  Quantum entanglement has been used to instantaneously transmit information hundreds of miles.  Both technologies will continue to grow in the sophistication of replicated products and the amount of information and the distance that it can be exchanged.

One sector where the digital universe doesn’t obviously apply is the quantum realm.  It’s the fabric of space and time that undergirds the material world we know (at least until experimental physics can dive even lower).  At the quantum level particles randomly form and appear in the briefest of instants.  It’s an unknowable place.

Well, maybe not.  The latest research suggests what we know as mysterious quantum particles is a holographic projection of the error correction codes that define them.  These codes are math, i.e. digital. We know they exist.  We’re already using them for quantum computers. They may be the very thing that holds together space-time.  It’s the digital machine code of the universe. 

Ready to be beamed up?

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Balance, not Bluster: Free market ideology is anti-science

Research from the University of Western Australia sheds light on the irrationality of extremism, typified by the far right of the Republican party in the U.S.

The data is from a survey called  NASA faked the moon landing|Therefore (Climate) Science is a Hoax: An Anatomy of the Motivated Rejection of Science. While the study finds support for crank magnetism (if you believe in one anti-science theory, you believe in others), it found an even greater correlation with free market ideology where believers rejected science from humans causing climate change to smoking causing lung cancer and HIV causing AIDS.

Science Blogs has excellent commentary at More data on why people reject science.

The survey unfortunately doesn’t break down free market ideology.  The free market is a proven part of modern economics.  But it’s just one cog in a strong and healthy civilization. A strict belief that elevates the free market at the expense of the other pillars of society is a fundamental part of what caused the global recession and the breakdown of the middle class in the U.S.

Of course if you are one such believer you’ll reject this piece of science as well.  Please continue on to the next blog on fairies, unicorns, little green men, the drug war, universal forces that take an interest in your personal affairs, and the salvation (i.e. continuing destruction) of America through greed and anarchy.

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