Get Your Team FREED

The FREED brand is forward thinking, fact-based, and entertaining (in a good way).   You want that, don’t you? Yeah, it’s all the stuff the other guy isn’t.

Maybe we don’t have a chain of hotels. Yet. Or Golf Courses. You know, megabuck toys that Trumpet the lie that a supposed billionaire is a man of the common people. But we’re open to working with all kinds of companies.  Especially when it’s FREE.  It’s no accident that that’s 80% of being FREED.   This includes Software. Experiential travel. Celebrities. Drones. Other groups. Dating. Progressive candidates. Internet hosting and services. Social networks. Robots. Interplanetary spaceships. Tea. Professional sports teams.  Probably not your brother’s dry cleaning business though.

When you get FREED, you get more than just our name. Sure, if you literally want the name, we’ll make it happen.  We won’t say No if you insist on our name in 50 foot letters on your skyscraper or maybe a nice statue of Marc on a dragon with Khaleesi holding onto his back.

You do get access and much more.  FREED includes BR82 (that’s Breakthrough if you’re over 12) and PowerCMO marketing, and Revenue Typhoon technology.  We can provide advertising opportunities on our programs like FREEDRevolution, #FBResist, and LinkedIn Twitter Follow Back or a full custom package with our expert consulting, our attitude, our movement, our organization, our creating marketing and technology, and the ten billion souls following our every word.  You get a front seat ride into the coming zeitgist (big word, Donnie, look it up) that will remake the world. And a spiffy label to stick on your business front door.

So if you want a piece of this (hand waving to indicate the full multiverse), you gotta click a piece of THAT and contact us.


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Make America Great Again … Again

The past 50 years have seen more innovation than the rest of the entire 200,000 million year history of modern man.  The tidal wave of change has finally caught up to society.

The world is in flux. Media has exploded. The election of a TV celebrity to President shows the power today of mass media and the Internet to catapult neophytes to stardom and insulate people in their own tribes.

Capitalism has run amok. The rich have continued a multi-decade march to reshape society in their image and own the government. They’ve destroyed liberalism and unions, which have given a voice to the common man.   They’ve destroyed the checks and balances of American civilization that enabled a thriving middle class.  As a result income inequality has robbed an entire generation of the promise of a better future.  The ultimate expression has arrived today with a billionaire in the White House who lives in a different reality of alternative facts and has brought his fellow billionaires to play and dismantle the government.

Many despair. Some withdraw. Others fight. A few cling to the old activism.

There is another choice. A new model for a new time.

We can make American great again … again.   Here is how.

  • Use the power of the Internet to connect and grow.
  • Conquer a weak brand with a stronger brand.
  • Embrace the madness with absurdity and humor.
  • Turn to the light and the love.
  • Revel in facts and logic.
  • Think for yourself.
  • Join a growing resistance of millions.
  • Take back power for yourself, your community, and your country!

Get FREED.  Not Trumped.

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