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FREEDWork is the business market and program arm of FREEDAmerica.  Our membership is open to businesses, professionals, and networkers across the world, regardless of political interest.

You are the foundation of FREEDAmerica.  We are stronger together.  And even stronger when you’re empowered.  FREEDAmerica isn’t just about freeing the country. It’s about freeing you to unleash your full personal and business potential.

We Work When You Work.​ Today too many bright capable people of all ages, colors, and ethnicities are struggling to work and build a future.  We need to not just provide a safety net, but also a ladder to success. New and young companies are the primary source of job creation in the American economy.

FREEDWork embraces businesses new, small, and large, and the full entrepreneur ecosystem.

  • For-profit, social, and non-profit small businesses and startups
  • Business service providers, including investors, consultants, and mentors.
  • Individuals who want to work with or volunteer for these organizations.
  • Businesses that seek to reach, sponsor, do businesses with, invest in, or otherwise support our community.

We’re developing plans to build programs and events that will inspire, inform, and support you.  We’ll help you join, create, build, and fund businesses and organizations with webinars and business and networking events in your city.

We invite you to participate.

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3. Please contact us for other opportunities.

  • Coordinate FREEDWork in your city.
  • Partner with us.
  • Develop software for members and the public.
  • Organize a FREEDWork program.