Be a – Volunteer & Support

The world is going to hell in an orange toupee handbasket filled with Diet Coke and stickered with that scary radioactive triple arrow. So what are you going to do about it?

Ready to save civilization  …  just help it a little bit … or give us all your money?

We’re working on a slew of wonderful programs.  And we’re going to be different.  Otherwise, why bother?  We could just move to Costa Rica and suck our thumb for the next 8 years.

A few of our top needs are below. What they all have in common is that they won’t happen without your love, support, and time.  What is your passion?

  • Own it.  Don’t just work in one of the program or product areas below.  Build, manage, and own it.  We’re at the ground floor.  If you’re ambitious and have the time, we can give you the opportunity of the lifetime to build something, er, yuge.
  • Recruit it. We can only grow as fast the team behind it. Help us reach, attract, and motivate an army of volunteers.
  • Work it at FREEDBiz to set up and run national programs and local events for small businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, jobseekers, and partners.
  • Organize it. Be a city leader to work with area political and business communities and facilitate local events and programs.
  • Socialize it.  Market us online and post content to Twitter, Facebook, and other sites.
  • Web it. Build or write for our online presence, including web sites, landing and promotional pages, CRM and marketing automation, and social sites.
  • Create it.  Develop content for FREEDRevolution, as a TrumpTruth writer, celebrity tweeter, or cat video viewer (yes we really did).
  • Develop it. Write software and make our dreams to rebuild the world and conquer Skynet come true.
  • Love it.  Discover and work with partners who can bring in money and resources to help us move faster.
  • Entertain it.  Join our musical or reality show cast and crew.
  • Campaign it.  Grab a spot on the ground floor (currently sub-basement) for FREED for President 2020.
  • Kiss it.  Find the sweet spot where we can leverage great progressive organizations, as well other interest and business groups and resources.
  • Spin it.  Build our press and marketing capabilities and offerings.
  • Policy it. Help us develop public policies so that we can advocate positions, recommend solutions, and influence public discussion and government actions.
  • Start it.  Build your own endeavor as a FREEDBiz private, public, or social entrepreneur.

Contact us and be part of #TheResistance!

Or at least be a mensch and join our mailing list at right.  Your momalah would be so proud!