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Welcome to the Land of the FREED
and the Home of the Brave.

FREEDAmerica  was founded by Marc Freedman for progressives who want to be FREED to:

  • Be active participants in our democracy, our country, and our world.
  • Live lives of intent and purpose with passion, integrity, empathy, and continual learning.
  • Pursue facts, science, and truth over authority and party.
  • Empower ourselves and our communities amid an indifferent economy and rapacious capitalism.
  • Restore vision, progress, and hope in our country and not regress to tribalism and fear.

FREEDAmerica is a strategic part of #TheResistance. Unlike other groups we don’t focus on single issues, alarmist news, or daily fundraising drives (all very important in their own ways!).

FREEDAmerica embraces solutions and builds entrepreneurs. We view donations as investments. We leverage your money to launch impactful programs that generate an exponential social return.

Well, that’s the spiel. As you can see, we’re just getting started.  We have exciting plans that we can’t share just yet. Many of our actual programs will be YOURS, driven by YOU and YOUR ideas and passions.  We hope you can see how we’ll be different and innovative.  Please join us and help create a better world.

FREEDAmerica is growing a network of organizers, volunteers, and members  just like you who are ready for the challenge.

We invite you to read more About Us  … Sign up for our mailing list at right … Be Freed … and Explore.


Our first initiative has already started.  Discover what Trump’s really up to @


Let’s Make America Great Again … Again.  You know, like it was 2 years ago.

Get FREED.  Not Trumped.


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